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How is RentPERKS different

How is RentPERKS different from other Property Managers and Software solutions?

We are full-service property managers who have created cutting edge software to make your experience as a landlord and tenant seamless. Our state-of-the-art software enables us to deliver exceptional unmatched best-in-class services to our clients. As a landlord you will have real time access to all your properties, check on lease status, maintenance orders, rent receipts and the list goes on. Tenants have access to the concierge service, can notify us of issues, track maintenance, and repair professionals, pay your rent, check your rewards balance and so much more.

RentPERKS is a global, technology enabled, Property Management Company built on an Ecosystem of Rewards. We began our planning and development after years of frustration in the industry, both as Landlords & Tenants. This drove us to re-envision the service delivery process, embedding automation and AI, integrating card processing for rent collection, incentivizing Tenants for the right behaviour with unmatched in the industry rewards (at no charge to them) and providing Landlords the Transparency and Accountability they expect, right at their fingertips.

We are changing the relationship between Tenants and Landlords in the most effective way possible: by rewarding good behaviour of our Tenants and providing exceptional service to our landlords.
RentPERKS tenant reward system is allowing us to curate the top 25% of all tenants nationwide. Imagine adding a world class rewards and loyalty program to the picture. Your tenant gets rewards for paying rent early, keeping the place clean and staying longer. Can your property manager offer these incentives to align your goals with your tenants’ behaviors? Rewards programs have the effect of making consumers prioritize where they put their money. And that same program of rewards gives us data and history.

We pride ourselves on innovation and we are constantly looking for ways to deliver a higher value experience for you. What are your other providers doing for you…?


Our Premium Service Level provides you with Full-Service Property Management, including the following:
• Marketing and listing your property
• Tenant screening
• Collecting rent
• Detailed billing history
• Manage move-ins and move-outs with Condition Reports
• Negotiate leases on your behalf
• All Maintenance requests are facilitated via our Concierge in the Tenant App – 24 x 7
• An admin fee is charged per work order to schedule maintenance. Please review the SLA for clarity
RentPERKS is the undisputed leader in marketing, service delivery and rent rewards.

We stimulate competition for your property and drive near zero vacancy by offering unbeatable perks to quality applicants.

We are so confident in the services and the value that we deliver that we don’t have contracts with our landlords. If you are not happy, you are free to seek other options.

We reduce your risk by selecting the best applicants and reward the right tenant behavior (leasing/releasing, paying on time and maintaining the property in good condition). We reduce your risk through comprehensive tenant screening and Crediliytix™ scoring.

Experience the RentPERKS difference. We spent years improving analytics and techniques to curate the best tenants. Combined with our property analytics, national support center and size – we buy you the best advertising and peace of mind you want from a licensed property manager. And we PAY over your rent funds faster & more often than other licensed property managers.


1. Achieve above market rent
2. Management fees start 7.9%
3. 4-dimension tenant screening
4. Real time information of all your properties
5. Easy transition with zero paperwork
6. Mark up free maintenance
7. Awesome rewards for great tenants
8. High application volumes
9. Collect rent faster
10. Real time information
11. Full marketing of vacant properties
12. No fees until it is leased

We handle everything to do with your property, from tenant screening and acquisition, to rent collection, to maintenance, to legal, we have you covered completely all in-house! The great thing for you, is that everything is all laid out for you to view in real-time on our Owners Portal and your App. You can view monthly statements, ads, property performance, tenant leases and much more directly from the comfort of your own home.


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