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Whether you have one property or a whole portfolio in different parts of the world, our team on the ground and our tech platform is designed to make your life easier and reward great tenants with great perks. 

We are changing the relationship between Tenants and Landlords in the most effective way possible: by rewarding  the good behaviour of our Tenants and providing exceptional service to our Landlords.

RentPERKS tenant reward system is allowing us to curate the top 25% of all tenants nationwide. Imagine adding a world class rewards and loyalty program to the picture. Your tenant gets rewards for paying rent early, keeping the place clean and staying longer. 

Can your property manager offer these incentives to align your goals with your tenants’ behaviors? 

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We give you a call, and make arrangements for one of our professionals to visit your property. Here we will conduct a 50 point assessment, this ensures your property is up to code and meets all safety regulations, find quick wins to get higher rent, and conduct a market analysis. 

Oh ya and we get the keys. 

Step 2

We transfer your data. Here you can expect concierge service, there is absolutely nothing for you to do!

Step 3

We market your property, using our vast tenant network and rewards system. You can rest easy knowing your newest tenant will be in the top 25% of renters across the Nation.

Step 4

Download the Owner App or just use our awesome Owners’ Portal with live data in real time. Giving you access to all your properties on one platform. Goodbye historic backward looking statements. You can even see what we are doing in the field! Sit back, Relax, Get Back to the Important things. Be like Bill! We have got it from here. 

Rent Better. Anywhere.

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Our best-in-class rewards system has curated the top 25% of tenants Nationwide. We reward our tenants for great behavior, and they stay with our network for years.

As our tenants move around the country we place them in other RentPERKS properties. We ensure that all properties in our network get leased to the best renters in the Nation! 

 RentPERKS Rents Better. Anywhere.

Meet Some of Our Owners

Zheng Chen & Xiu

Business Owners

Chen & Xiu are busy business owners from Vancouver. They own and manage four businesses on top of the three apartment buildings they own. They have been RentPERKS clients for the last two years. They value the advice and insight that RentPERKS has been able to give them on changing legislation and helping them navigate long overdue rent increases. Chen & Xiu now have more time to focus on their businesses, while RentPERKS handles their investments. Chen loves the property inspections that RentPERKS does, and the Fall maintenance program! He can rest easy because he knows his investment is well cared for.

Kendra Williamson

VP of Finance

Kendra is a financial savant. She has made some very smart property investments across Canada in up and coming locations. Kendra has always relied on a property manager to help with her investments. She found herself with 13 properties in 4 provinces with 7 property managers! In order to make this work and regain her sanity , she needed to consolidate. RentPERKS was the perfect solution. Nationwide, a curated tenant network, years of data with access to trends and patterns. Kendra now has 15 properties in 5 provinces and 1 property manager! She can access all her property information at her fingertips.

Alec McPherson


Alec is a busy Surgeon, between long surgeries and office hours, there isn't a lot of time in his day. He started investing in property early in his career, as his portfolio grew so did his career. He found himself in a position where managing both his portfolio and his practice was no longer possible. He reached out to RentPERKS about as frustrated as an investor can get. We took over his entire portfolio; now Alec can get back to saving lives, and check his phone to access real time information on his portfolio whenever he wants!

Cole Kaspira

Software Engineer

Cole was very excited to start investing in property. He found the perfect fourplex in Hamilton, but after a few years of continuous tenant turnovers, property damage and relentless collection issues. He was ready to sell, when a friend told him about RentPERKS. We have been happily managing that same fourplex for the past two years. Fully leased in less than thirty days with renters from our network. Best has never been late since. Cole can focus on writing code for hours every day because RentPERKS has his back.


Dawn Crothers
Dawn Crothers
While the company itself failed to implement a number of its promises - we heard monthly for three years that the aforementioned "perks" were coming soon - Adam was nothing but wonderful and it was a pleasure to have him managing our property. He came in at a very difficult time and made the best of a tough situation, and was always pleasant, understanding, and tolerant. If this review were only of Adam, I'd give five stars for sure.
Giorgia A.
Giorgia A.
We’ve had a fantastic start to our experience renting with RentPERKS. My fiancé and I are moving provinces, and found the perfect spot in Calgary through this company. Jason was our point of contact, he has been excellent, very hands-on and professional throughout the process. Extremely quick turnaround time from first applying to our actual move in date. We appreciated the attention to detail Jason provided in preparing the place, even leaving us with a thoughtful welcome gift and some supplies to aid in the move. He’s also been helpful in giving advice and being available for questions. The move in process was efficient, we were provided with everything that needed to be done right away via email. The app is a bonus as it allows us to view what we need all in one spot. Confident we made the right choice in renting with this company, and the place itself is gorgeous.
Farnaz Riahi
Farnaz Riahi
The RentPerk team have managed my property for over 3 years now in Vancouver. They’ve looked after my property and have secured back to back tenancies. They are quick to respond and easy to work with. Property is in good hands and well taken care of. I would recommend them.
Willy Kostyniuk
Willy Kostyniuk
My fiance and I rented our first place together through rent perks. Shawn was very quick to helping us find a suitable home with a fair price. Always quick to respond when we need any type of maintenance/repair around the property.
Alberto Suarez
Alberto Suarez
Absolutely the best!!! They helped me as a newcomer in Canada,1 and a half year ago, with the best service and understanding of my situation, don’t hesitate to reach out to them and specially ask for @Shawn Young, he will be looking for the best way to help you!
Jason Dick
Jason Dick
Had a very easy and pleasant time whenever needing help from Shawn. We are new to the country and he helped us find a home for the family. Answering any questions we had with simple solution answers. Easy to get hold of and quick to respond. Thank you Rentperks for putting Shawn on our case.
Ezeoha Santiago
Ezeoha Santiago
As a current renter for some years now, I’ve had a fantastic experience. The staff has been accommodating and helpful and has made my stay great!
I currently use RentPerks to manage my rental property. Adam is amazing and very professional. He is doing a great job and I highly recommend him if you are searching for a reliable property manager.

Rent Better. Anywhere

RentPERKS is the undisputed leader in marketing, service delivery and rent rewards. We stimulate competition for your property and drive near zero vacancy by offering unbeatable perks to quality applicants. We reduce your risk by selecting the best applicants and reward the right tenant behavior (leasing/releasing, paying on time and maintaining the property in good condition). 

RentPERKS – Rent Better. Anywhere

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